Boys & Girls Elite Club

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Saturday May 11, 2024 at 12:00pm

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Engaging, Inspiring & Empowering

Academic, Programs & Summer

Where we grow, educate, bond Brother & Sisterhood.

Leadership, tutoring and innovative skills. Positive Youth development, Mentorship & Education

Boys & Girls Elite Club is a yearly program. Our students enrolled are to adhere to their school rules and maintain a passing grade to stay in the program.


We provide tutoring to all students yearly.

  • Math
  • English /ELA
  • Science
  • Regents Prep
  • SAT Prep and much more

Our tutors are accredited teachers and we work among the students' school and teachers to aid through tutoring with their academic needs. 


Member Classes

Our Yearly Classes and Programs

  • Basketball Program
  • Soccer Program 
  • Advocacy Program
  • Career Choice Program
  • Band Program
  • Entrepreneur Program
  • Steam Program
  • Travel Team and much more 

Programs and trade such as Woodworking, acting/Drama, Beauty Hair Fashion, Culinary Arts, Fashion Design, Hip-Hop Dance, Jewelry Design, Tennis, Music, Auto Tech, Writers and much more are tuition based.

Yearly Academics & Programs

Our summer program is most affordable, diverse, educational and enriched.

Brooklyn Queens Nassau & Suffolk County

Summer Program

At Our Summer Program, We Give all kids the amazing opportunity to grow their interest, increase their self esteem and make new friends. 

Elevate your child's summer with our exceptional summer program! Immerse them in a world of adventure, learning and fun. Exciting activities, fostering friendships and memories, from thrilling outdoor adventures to enriching creative workshops, we ensure a well rounded experience.

Due to our main location renovation, The program will be held this summer in Nassau County

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Culinary Arts Program

Culinary Creativity designed for young aspiring chefs, this hands-on experience combines fun and learning in the kitchen. From Mastering basic kitchen skills to creating delicious and nutritious recipes, your child will embark on a flavorful journey they'll cherish.

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